Accutron Chronograph

Among the Accutron Chronograph model is certainly the most representative, most wanted without being a rarity, aesthetic, and remains a tolerable, which is not true of all (we are in full Star Trek ..) . It is equipped with the first electronic tuning fork movement manufactured in series, a technique that will not make a very long career because of the appearance of that of quartz. Rather remarkable accuracy and originality of the technique make it a page in the history of watchmaking. Bulova, with its inventor, Max Hetzel, was to my knowledge the only operator of such movements, which will equip some licensed brands such as Omega and Longines.
A priori, this copy is part of authentic float amid a sea of “conversions” and other crafts more or less successful.
Despite all the pressures to the highest political levels by the manufacturer, and despite the ambiguity in some publications, it seems that no oficial Bulova Accutron has been selected by NASA, which has always preferred the Omega Speedmaster.Content is empty

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